Below are our current sponsors, we are always looking for more great sponsors.

      Due to the teams great sponsors the training, racing, travel, equipment and uniforms are free or heavily subsidized.

     To continue the great success of the American And Australian Triathlon Team we need support from major sponsors.

    The team also accepts donations of money value or products to help out our athletes

For more information email the head coach





We need your support

    The owners of AAA Tri Camp, John & Jodi Hovius, who are the managers of the AAA Tri Team have the vision to train all triathletes, no matter what their economic background is. For this reason there are no joining, monthly or training fees for the kids or adults.  

    The team is looking for support  big or small to help the team grow and develop the team's racing experience. We have a team bus/van & trailer that travels to all our in-state races, plus we always have a team tent set up at the races, add 200 fit athlethes swimming, riding & running around and you will have a lot of exposure in a sport with a 25% growth rate.